• With this BBS, you can post icons of i-mode/vodafone/EZweb.
  • When there is no similar icons, texts will be replaced.
  • Only GIF images are displayed on PC.
  • On mobile terminal, some pages do not have [Return] button (link) due to lightening a packet rate.
    To go back to the previous page, please click on the return button or the left button of the mobile terminal.


  • Name and Message are necessary.
  • When a title is not entered, "no titile" is displayed.
  • HTML tags can not be used.
  • URLs in a message will be linked automatically.
  • Icons can be entered only into a message.
    Direct insert of icons is supported on EZweb terminals.
  • GIF/JPEG/PNG images can be posted up to 500 KB.
  • It supports Cookie, so that the name, the e-mail address, the URL and the password you entered on the first time will set from the second posting automatically (only for the terminals which support Cookie).

Word Search

  • When you enter a word you want to search, the matching entry will be shown.
  • When there are several words, separate them by space and select either of AND/OR search.
  • Search objects are only messages.


  • You can delete and edit the entries which password you have set on the posting.
  • When deleting the topic with a comment, the text will be replaced to the letter string "deleted by the submitter".
    All the comments (replies) will be deleted completely.
  • On mobile terminals, you can not edit an entry if it is too big for the mobile's cache capacity.
  • On some EZweb terminals, you can not eidit entries which contain other mobile companys' icons.
  • Please note that it is quite difficult to edit entries with icons unless the mobile terminal has the same efficiency of the one you used on posting.